Woodstock Video Art Festival 2010, documentary video (6:45) problem with this embed? go to vimeo.

This is a spontaneous and pure fun event I organized in the fall of 2010. In less than one month from conception, video installations showing 26 works by 14 artists were organized in a former garage, in the style of a lounge, with several sets of cozy furniture and monitors of various sizes. My goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere where visitors could flutter from one station to another as they pleased. The volume of audio was set so that there was a general jumble of sound as one walked in, but each piece became clearly audible once within the close range.

Participating artists:
Emily Bennison
Dick Crenson
Dorota Czerner
Kyra Garrigue
Dave Hebb
Anna Lindemann
Jason Martin
Nathan Meltz
Wayne Montecalvo
Elizabeth Peters
Russell Richardson
Adie Russell
Robyn Tomlin
Elizabeth Unterman