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Will Work for Love (formerly known as Movin’ It and Framin’ It) was a project for Muroff Kotler Gallery at Ulster County Community College where I served as Visiting Artist in 2013.

The project illustrated the richness and vibrancy of the arts community of the Hudson Valley, while actively contributing to such richness by making and strengthening connections within and beyond the arts community as it was being built.

The video makes a joyful and optimistic sound, and one that highlights the Hudson Valley’s vast artistic talents. The show, which is on display through November 8 at SUNY Ulster’s Muroff-Kotler Gallery, combines videos, a projection, wall-based works, objects, and a hands-on animation station—part art show, part living room, part play room. —Brian Mahoney, Chronogram

The project questioned the separation between art and life, between individuals, and between work and love, and focused on the connections rather than elements.

The installation took the form of a three-dimensional and interactive diagram of our community, with collaborative projects  produced at Flick Book Studio (my project of business as art) as the starting point.


Artists who made collaborative animation with me in the past, or in the planning of one, were presented in this show, not only by their animations and their artworks, but also by little segments of their lives. Visitors saw a transplanted corner of an artist’s studio, a sampling of wardrobe from another’s closet, etc., demonstrating that creativity is not confined to finished products. They saw how we were connected in many different contexts—through schools, families, jobs, activism—creating a strong web of social structure.


The show was interactive and informational, providing samples of different types of animation, video, and media communication, including a station where visitors made their own stop-motion animation.



Alicia Mikles

Dave Hebb

Michael Asbill

Christy Rupp

Neal Hollinger

Jacinta Bunnell

Polly M. Law

Beth Humphrey

Ken Greene

Wayne Montecalvo

Anne Gorrick

Marlon DuBois

Damon Wolf

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