From 2011 to 2013, I helped my mother build a small straw bale house by bringing in a timber-frame builder William Johnson. When the house was near completion, William wanted to do a styled photo shoot, but didn’t have the budget to rent furniture. I came up with the idea to invite local fine-furniture makers, installation artists, and sculptors, and to make it into a networking event. This event was a pivotal experience for me. I learned that even with little budget, one could convince people to participate in a project by creating enough incentives. Furniture-makers, for example, are generally private and always busy, they only began responding to my call once I figured out what they wanted. The guest list for the reception was carefully compiled to mix gallery owners, non-profits staff, and media personnel. The installation was beautifully photographed by architectural photographer Deborah Degraffeinreid.

Straw Bale House designed and built by William Johnson

Music performed by Ryder and Hazel

Furniture Designers

Andrew Hunter

Josh Finn

Michael Leggett

Michael Puryear

Jeff Johnson

Basi Bouris (Trace Furniture)

Andrew Gray 

Jonah Meyer (Sawkille)


Jeff Shapiro

Laura Moriarty

Suzy Sureck

Judy Sigunick

Keiko Sono

Dave Hebb

Lorrie Fredette

Jan Harrison

Kate Hamilton

Susan Freda

Joy Taylor

Mary Frank (courtesy of Elena Zang Gallery)

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