Three-channel video, 6:00, 2015
Video by Keiko Sono (
Music score composed by Bob Lukomski (

This work-in-progress aims to create an immersive experience, rather than to elicit observation, which releases the primal yet complex pleasure we possess deep within ourselves. Simultaneously, it is a chronicle of my life in the Hudson Valley (area north of New York City), and its evolving landscape of art and artists.

Originally created for a project organized by composer Joshua Groffman( in which 4 composers and 4 video artists collaborated to create live performance events at Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz and Mid Hudson Heritage Center in Poughkeepsie. The project was based on a poem about the Hudson River by Sarah Heady ( entitled An Arrow Pointed Down. Since then, my partnering composer Bob Lukomski and I have decided to keep working on it, passing the piece back and forth and building it until we reach a concert-length piece. This version is our first installment since the first concerts.


Bob Lukomski performing live at Dorsky Museum

Pin Screen and Chrystal Lattice fabricated by Ward Fleming (
Robotomarineros costume by I.F.A.M (Institute for Aesthetic Modulation,

An Arrow Pointed Down

“The Hudson is an arrow pointing down (though it flows both ways). The City is a poured-concrete floor onto which all things land, and sometimes break. You can hold—with your hands raised above your head, with a system of pulleys, with a net, standing on a ladder—your life and all its parts in the air.

But there is the fact of gravity.” —Sarah Heady

A three-channel video, it is meant to be seen on three-separate screens, but it is acceptable to be viewed as a single-channel video if displayed on a large screen.

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