This series of drawings were made during the winter of 1994. Although this is the oldest body of work included in this website, it holds a special place in my personal history. All of my works prior to my show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mito were an embodiment of my yearning to be some place else, an escape fantasy. I did not care about actually being some place else. I just enjoyed the romantic pain of the yearning itself.

This series, I felt, expressed this yearning more faithfully than any other works up to that point. They are titled after actual places on Mars, Antarctica, and Island. I created them as postcards to myself from my fantasy. The only exception is Cape Alana, the image with dark rocks on the beach, where I camped the year before. It was also the first drawing of this series.

All are approximately 5 by 7 inches, in sumi-ink and watercolor.