Private Domain is an idea for open-source art events, for spreading the pleasure of buying and owning original art works. The goal is to expand artists’ market to include a wider range of social/economic demographics. This will take efforts to address the delicate subject of recalibrating the pricing of art works, especially for those who are outside of the main commercial art market.

The procedure is simple: 1. Select a host who owns a collection of artworks produced by local artists. 2. Contact the artists and ask them to select several pieces, within the reasonable price range, they would like to sell. 3. The host organizes a home party (it could be in a more traditional set up like a gallery) where the host’s collection is displayed along with additional works for sale. 3. Invitations make clear that the goal is to sell, but provide a fun, party atmosphere. Good food is a must. 4. The host takes a percentage (my recommendation is no more than 15%), the artists take the rest.

It is an open source idea that I hope will spread like Oprah’s Book Club.

The first event took place in a restaurant in New Paltz, where I showed my own collection of works I bought, not traded. Each artist exhibited a few additional pieces for sale. Two pieces sold at the opening, and three additional works sold later.

Facebook was my only promotional tool for this event. I used it to get people excited about this show, and to convey the pleasure of buying and owning an original work of art.

This album is also a show on its own. Facebook can easily reach more people than a physical show, especially in distant areas, and over time. Creating the Facebook album was a curatorial work of the same importance as the actual show.

Furthermore, it also functions as a live performative and interactive stage indefinitely. The comments people leave are an integral part of this campaign, and collectively we promote the idea of buying and living with art.


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