A series of 100 paintings produced for the project room of Art Tower Mito (Museum of Contemporary Art in Mito, Japan) in 2001. Curated by Tsukasa Mori.

5 by 8 inches, oil on board.

brochure in PDF

Driveby follows scenes along county and state routes outside Spokane, Washington, a vast wheat region. The images are from a camera mounted on the car window, shot while driving by.

The passage refers not only to the physical, but also of time. I produced the 100 paintings at one a day, 5 a week, for 5 months. Each is titled with the name of the road and the date it was painted.

It was year 2001. I began this series shortly after my father’s passing, and through September 11. The time it took for the tragedy to sink in is visible in the agitated brush strokes only appearing on and after the 13th. It was an emotional year for me; methodically making this series felt like a prayer and offered a perfect excuse for postponing grief.

This marked the end of my studio practice. After this, I abandoned my studio,  began painting outdoors (Hideouts and Walkabouts), and using cameras and computers.