Crystal Lattice from Keiko Sono on Vimeo.

A video commissioned by inventor Ward Fleming. In this video, he demonstrates the properties of objects he fabricated using spheres in various sizes and material, arranged in one to four layers between glass or acrylic plates. The video is to be used as a talking point in his conversation with potential clients and partners.

Crystal Lattice – several models

These models provide an interactive and close-up look at how crystals may form and reform. Consisting of acrylic, acetate and tungsten balls secured under glass and acrylic plates, this work shows us what we might see in a highly magnified two-dimensional slice or cross-section through a three-dimensional solid substance, a metal. Note how the balls form patterns, regions of order that are interrupted by vacancies, misfits, and “connected disorder”—linear boundaries between areas that differ only in row orientation. How do these patterns compare to similar patterns found in nature, such as ice forming on the surface of lakes, bubbles arrayed on the surface of water, etched cross-sections of meteorites, or snowflakes under a microscope? –Ward Fleming

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