Portfolio 2015 from Keiko Sono on Vimeo.

My work has one fundamental goal: to connect us to the world—to other beings, the natural environment, or objects; in present, past or future; in absurdity, wit, or utter beauty. I use visual media, video, and text to create events and projects that focus on connections. The process is guided by intuitive pursuit for fun and pleasure, while the planning is based on how many new connections would be made, how much the existing ones would be strengthened, and how many people or things would benefit from it.

There are three key concepts that sustain my endeavors. 1. I am motivated by a conviction in art as our evolutionary trait, critical to our survival and success as a species, and I advocate for its appropriate position as such—in our policies, education, and cultural values. 2. I recognize a vast talent pool that is not tapped into by our current market system in the commerce of art, which simply divides artists into professionals and hobbyists. I am committed to exploring new markets and/or systems, which not only support artists in creating their best and most sincere work, but also open up the rest of the community to the artistic experience they had been deprived of. 3. A certified permaculture designer, I use permaculture principles to organize my projects, focusing on connections between the projects and on the whole picture, making the most of my resources by creating many overlaps and achieving multiple goals.

My portfolio ranges from the deeply personal and contemplative, which deepens my connection with the natural environment (Saunter and Repose, 110 Days of Winter) or the physical space (Suspended Carbon), to the widely accessible and interactive, creating robust networks within the community (Flick Book Studio and Meat Me in Woodstock).



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  1. Veronica Evanega
    October 12, 2020

    Hi Keiko, I’ll be in the class this evening but wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I’m a sculptor living in Milton, NY, finishing a Visual Arts degree.
    Very interesting spectrum of work.
    Talk later,

    Veronica Evanega


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